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Chain Partners OTC is Korea's first fully compliant Digital Assets OTC Trade desk.

Chain Partners OTC has established its trading network with the world's leading crypto OTC trade desks including Circle, Cumberland, FBG, Galaxy Digital, Kenetic, OSL, and QCP. Chain Partners is the first Korean crypto OTC trade desk observing Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations. It also offers digital asset custody solutions for institutions and individual clients.


Since 2018, Chain Partners OTC has developed into the largest crypto asset OTC desk in Korea.

Chain Partners OTC began with the establishment of Chain Partners, Korea's first blockchain company builder, in July 2017. The Chain Partners OTC desk re-wrote the history of Digital Assets over-the-counter trading by conducting identity verification (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) compliance when few other players did. Chain Partners OTC formally launched its services in August 2018, with strict compliance to regulations.

Transparent and evidence-based transactions are a must for protecting buyers and sellers. Through painstaking efforts to create a "professional digital asset OTC trading" market, Chain Partners OTC has grown dramatically, with domestic trading volume worth KRW 5 billion a month (KRW 12 billion for cumulative transactions) during December 2018 alone.

  1. 2019

    Officially announced Chain Partners OTC business after concluding beta.
    Started US Galaxy Digital, Cumberland, Hong Kong Pulsar Trading, OSL, Singapore QCP Capital trading.
    Partnership with ARGOS, a KYC/AML service provider
  2. 2018

    Exceeded USD 4 million in monthly transactions and KRW 12 million in cumulative transactions, just four months after beginning service.
    Initiated Hong Kong Kenetic Capital trading.
    Initiated Hong Kong FBG Capital trading.
    Initiated a digital asset Custody Service.
    Began trading with US Circle Trade exchange.
    Initiated operation of the first digital asset OTC desk in Korea in compliance with regulations.
    Developed Korea's first Onboarding Process to observe KYC/AML for digital asset OTC trading.
  3. 2017

    Launched CP Research to analyse the digital asset market from the securities' industry point of view.
    Established Chain Partners / Launched Korea's first business team for digital asset OTC trading.


Why do business with Chain Partners OTC?

KRW Settlement Chain Partners OTC is the one and only global OTC trading house supporting KRW/BTC, KRW/ETH, KRW/XRP, KRW/EOS pair transactions.
Fixed-Price Trading If you buy and sell digital assets in large quantities, you may have to buy or sell at a price that differs greatly from the market price. With Chain Partners OTC, you can trade at a fixed price regardless of the transaction size.
Same Day Settlement The settlement day for a typical OTC trade desk is T+1 days or T+2 days from the transaction date. However, CP OTC supports settlement on the same day. (Consultation is required during the transaction process.)
Storage Custody Chain Partners OTC provides comprehensive services, including a custody solution for corporate and individual clients.
Payment Guarantee Chain Partners issues payment guarantee for digital assets that have been assigned to Chain Partners OTC's custody. Therefore, you can protect your assets safe from the risk of hacking.
Transaction Price Chain Partners OTC has a large network of partnerships with global OTC houses, we can find the most competitive, up-to-date price for each trade.
Various Currencies As long as on-boarding is available, China Partners OTC can trade with corporations all over the world in various payment currencies including US Dollars (USD), Euro (EUR), Yen (JPY), Chinese Yuan (CNY), Hong Kong Dollars (HKD), and Singapore Dollars (SGD), in addition to Korean Won (KRW).
Compliance In order to trade with Chain Partners OTC, an on-boarding process requires the submission of 10 different documents. This reduces the risk for counterparties by thoroughly confirming identities and sources of funds.
Financial Experts Chain Partners OTC is composed of traders from the investment banking industry, experienced in global bonds, foreign exchange, and commodities trading. All employees have financial backgrounds, so they can provide the same quality of service received from traditional financial institutions.
Verify Parties Chain Partners OTC and law firms, working together around the world, have developed a first ever on-boarding documentation process. CP OTC consults with third parties to determine whether new customers are in violation of international sanctions.
Global Network We have coverage of global deal flow by partnering with most of the top tier OTC trade desks in major financial hubs such as the US, Hong Kong, and Singapore.


Chain Partners OTC conducts transactions
with clients through the following steps.

Based on various factors such as market conditions, liquidity, volatility,
and types of transaction asset, Chain Partners OTC presents transaction prices by type.
Moreover, it trades by using its own risk, hedging with its own capital so there is no transaction fee.

  1. On-boarding Customer requests
    Chain Partners OTC
    for a buy or sell order
  2. Trade Chain Partners OTC offers
    a transaction price
  3. Settlement Customer confirms the
    contract at the transaction price.
    Payment on the same day
    or on T + 1 date


Chain Partners OTC is the best team of experts
from traditional financial and consulting firms.

The Chain Partners OTC team is comprised of members from traditional financial institutions and consulting firms,
just like Chain Partners Research, Korea's first professional crypto asset research center. The team is committed to providing their clients with the most reliable crypto finance services, based on their previous experiences and strong familiarity with sales, transactions, and accounting for institutional clients.

  • Charles Pyo CEO & Founder
  • Jake Lee Head of Crypto OTC
  • Joseph Hung Regional Consultant
  • Kayla Lee Sales & Trading Admin

About Chain Partners

Chain Partners is playing a leading role in global blockchain industry.

Chain Partners introduced Crypto Finance to Korea by launching the first exchange market tailored for institutions. In just 10 months as a venture startup, the company raised USD $15 million from DSC Investments, Capstone Partners, Premier Partners, Smile Gate Investment, Envester, Chairman Jang Duk-soo of DS, and others through May 2018.

In addition to Chain Partners OTC, Chain Partners has been involved in Crypto Finance businesses including Chain Partners Research, the first professional digital asset research center in Korea, CP Advisory, a consulting firm for digital asset issuers and blockchain organizations, DAYBIT, a digital asset exchange, Behind, a digital asset P2P escrow service, and Coinduck, the world's first Ethereum offline payment service platform. Coinduck was selected for acceleration by Samsung Electronics in November 2018.

Chain Partners is also actively developing the blockchain ecosystem through EOSYS, an EOS block producer; Validator 1, an ecosystem building partner for DPoS blockchains, CoinSight, a blockchain video channel, and PYKL, a blockchain influencer marketing network.


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